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Indian students can now join 100% online schools and enjoy the benefits of online schooling at their doorstep.

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    Here are the Most Popular Online Schooling Options in India:

    1. K8 Online School

    K8 Online School is indeed the most trusted name for virtual schooling in India. It has a structured schooling design and offers unmatched academic support. This online school introduces world-class STEM education through its collaboration with the award-winning digital content provider, Discovery Education.

    2. 21K School

    21K School is another platform available for students. They can choose between Indian, American, and British curriculums. And it operates through its partner networks (NIOS, Stride Inc. and The Keystone school). It is not a 100% digital schooling platform. Because it does not have an independent or full-fledged structure completely of its own.

    3. Cyboard School

    Cyboard School is one of the 100% online schools in India. It offers home-based digital schooling programs for students from Nursery to Grade 7th. The school pedagogy focuses on creating equal learning opportunities for all students irrespective of their physical locations. In addition, this digital schooling platform also aims at reducing parental stress through Two-teacher Model to cater diverse learning needs and enhanced concept clarity during online classes.

    4. AOL School

    AOL School is another virtual platform that operates along the same lines as the Indian traditional schools. Students who are comfortable with large batch sizes (upto 25 students in a class) in virtual classes can choose this option. It supports online students through programs offered by the NIOS and CBSE. And helps them to prepare for exams through self-learning material. AOL School is one of the best cbse online school.

    5. The Virtual School India

    Another platform for online education is The Virtual School, India. A student can complete schooling through NIOS or Cambridge boards. And TVSI supports their online schooling through virtual classes (weekday or weekend batches). This one is again a supportive platform that only provides handholding for home-based schooling. And the student appears for exams as per the selected board i.e. ‘NIOS’ or ‘Cambridge’.

    National Institute for Open Schooling

    National Institute for Open Schooling (NIOS) is the official platform for home-based schooling by the government of India. It caters to students through its academic and vocational education department. And is one of the most popular alternatives to school education in India.

    17 thoughts on “Online Schools”

    1. Neha chhatwal

      What is the fee structure of 21k online school and Cyboard for grades 6 and 4?

    2. Can someone tell me when is the deadline for admission to 21k School and K8 Online School is?

      1. Deepanshi Singh

        Our team will assist you with all of your questions regarding online school admissions. Simply enter your information in this contact form, and our team will contact you to help you through the process.

    3. What is the class schedule in an online school, and will they accept admission in the middle of the year?

      1. Nishant saini

        hello Radhika!! I have an idea about K8 online school because I enrolled my daughter here in grade 4 in the middle of the year because I was in the USA when the regular school session began. Also, the class times are the same as in NORMAL schools, which begin at 9 a.m. and end at 2:30 pm.

    4. Do you know which school provides the best-personalized classes for kids? My child has special needs, so I wanted to enroll him in personalized classes. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

    5. I’m considering enrolling my son in an online school and I’d like to know more about the benefits. Can you provide more information on its benefits?

    6. kunal sharma

      hey, I am looking for the best online accredited school for my child, one that prioritizes academic excellence, personal development, and future preparation.

      1. Aditya Ahuja

        Our team will assist you in selecting the best accredited online school; simply enter your information in this contact form and our team will contact you to make the process smooth for you.

    7. rishabh mehta

      hey !! Could you please advise me if I should enroll my child in K8 school or 21k? I’d heard a lot about K8 school, but I’m curious about 21k as well. if someone had an experience do share 🙂

    8. anjali sethi

      Online learning has been a great fit for my daughter. I recently enrolled my daughter in k8 online school for grade 2. She loves the flexibility and the personalized learning experience.”

      1. OSI Editorial

        For help with the school admission process, you can mention your details in this contact form, and our team will contact you to assist you with your child’s admissions process.

    9. Deepa Goni

      K8 School has transformed India’s traditional education structure. I’m curious to see how it progresses in transforming the entire educational system. Going against the conventions requires a lot of effort.

      1. OSI Editorial

        Online education is indeed a new phase in India’s educational system. But we are yet to see what the future holds for our coming generations.

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