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Cyboard School – Things You Should Know Before Enrolling

About Cyboard School

Cyboard School is one of the 100% online schools in India. It offers home-based digital schooling programs for students from Nursery to Grade 7th. The school pedagogy focuses on creating equal learning opportunities for all students irrespective of their physical locations. In addition, this digital schooling platform also aims at reducing parental stress through Two-teacher Model to cater diverse learning needs and enhanced concept clarity during online classes. Let’s take you through the details of this school beyond the Cyboard feedback and Cyboard online school reviews across various websites.

Let’s explore more Cyboard details to understand if Cyboard is genuine.


Cyboard’s founder envisioned a school that could revamp school education through the use of technology. This school aligns with the features of online education in Indian educational settings. Its learning management system integrates varied online school activities for students. And for ease of use, the school promises a superior user-friendly learning platform for students across all grades (Nursery to Grade 7). 

For student handholding, several online classes are conducted by the teaching faculty including teachers and assistant teachers. Quarterly parent-teacher meets are planned for collaborative discussions on the student’s performance. In addition, the school has a mobile application to create the feasibility of attending online classes from multiple locations.

Cyboard Fee Structure And Enrollment Process

The academic year of this virtual school starts on the 1st of April and the same ends on the 31st of March in the following year. During the challenging times of the global pandemic, Cyboard School has extended its support for preschoolers who have missed their pre-primary schooling due to the coronavirus threats. The school accepts enrollments according to a predefined age criterion wherein a child of 3 years is eligible for admission in its ‘Nursery’ grade. Age authentication is validated through the student’s birth certificate. 

For online schooling through Cyboard School parents need to pay an application fee, an annual fee, a tuition fee, and the charges for a learning kit (For Nursery and KG) or a book set (for grades 1 to 7).

Please Note– All details of the fee structure are procured from the official website of Cyboard School. These are subject to change at the school’s discretion

Here’s a quick look at the Cyboard School fees

Fee Structure for Indian Students (INR)

GradeApplication FeesAnnual FeeTuition FeeLearning KitTotal Annual Fees
Class 1500550017424450027924
Class 2500550017924450027924
Class 3500650021780450033280
Class 4500650026136500038136
Class 5500650026136500038136
Class 6500800029040500042540
Class 7500800030000500043500

Fee Structure for international students (in US$)

GradeApplication FeesAnnual FeeTuition FeeLearning KitTotal Annual Fees
Class 112140500100752
Class 212140500100752
Class 312165550100827
Class 412165650115942
Class 512165650115942
Class 6122007501151077
Class 7122007501151077

Recognitions/ Accreditations

Cyboard School is accredited by the International Association of Accredited Organizations (IAO). However, there is no other Cyboard affiliation mentioned by the school authorities.

Despite the accreditation, the primary question is whether Cyboard is recognized in India.

Well! To understand this aspect, let’s take a look at the prominent legitimacy aspects in India.

The National Policy of Education, 2020 encourages alternative models of education (under point 3.6 of the header, ‘Curtailing Dropout Rates and Ensuring Universal Access to Education at All Level’s). However, the policy also clarifies that the institution should be accredited to run open distance learning or online programs (Point 10.10 under the header, ‘Institutional Restructuring and Consolidation’).

Before shortlisting a school/institution, it is essential to cross-check the board followed, affiliations, and the status of the accrediting body. The list of valid international boards is readily available on the website of ‘The Council of Boards of School Education’ (COBSE). You can validate the board from this list and be assured of its validity. For accreditations, many stakeholders rightly prefer the most prestigious ones like Cognia. Because these renowned accrediting agencies are better in terms of credibility and add more value to their accredited institutions.

In a nutshell, you can always check some of the Cyboard School reviews. But we suggest a deeper analysis into aspects like the board, affiliation number, recognitions, etc. before making a final choice.

Other Details

  • Students enrolled in this online school start their day at 9:00 am.
  • There is a break time of 20 minutes allotted prior to the next class.
  • The standard class duration is 40 minutes.
  • Parents/guardians/caregivers are given intimations through weekly e-mails about the resources/preparations for the classes.
  • All working Tuesdays and Thursdays are ‘Open days’ to meet the school head.
  • The Two-teacher Model efforts of an assistant teacher and a master teacher in a single classroom are essential for comprehensive subject understanding and addressing individual queries for better concept clarity.
  • At Cyboard School, synchronous learning is prioritized over asynchronous learning. Students benefit from live classes with Master Teachers who focus on deepening their understanding of the subject, preparing them for assessments and olympiads, and teaching topics in a multidisciplinary context. While recorded lectures are available for students who can’t attend classes, subject teachers are always available for doubt resolution. Additionally, assistant teachers are trained to cater to diverse learning styles and provide support for concept clearing, Q&A, and more.

Final Thoughts

Cyboard rating highlights some of its striking features like a user-friendly learning management system and pacing options for unique learning needs. This school is one of the online options in this age of digitalization. And its school pedagogy does seem impressive in this age of uncertainty. Despite keeping all these good aspects in mind, stakeholders might need more clarity on a couple of more aspects already highlighted in this write-up. So consider this one good to go once you are completely convinced!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the source of Cyboard School funding?
    Cyboard School funding is a part of the internal decision-making process by its co-founders (serial entrepreneurs).
  • What is the Cyboard teacher’s salary?
    The open positions are mentioned on the school website. However, you need to contact the school authorities to know about the salary packages.

For any individual inputs or queries for this page, contact us at: [email protected]

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Reviews & Discussion

4 thoughts on “Cyboard School – Things You Should Know Before Enrolling”

  1. Rajesh gupta

    My child is a first-grade student in Cyboard. I am very pleased with his progress. Teachers’ teaching techniques are extremely effective. They pay attention to all children, whether they are slow learners or quick learners. Would definitely recommend this school to other parents.

  2. Sudhir Ahuja

    I was not a first-hand witness to the Cyboard School while I was abroad. However, I received numerous compliments from my wife and my kids about how much the kids are enjoying their classes at Cyboard School. Furthermore, teachers have been taking and incorporating unique ideas to nourish the minds of the students.

  3. Mayank shukla

    This school was one of the best decisions I made for my daughter Myra, it gave her confidence and taught her how to study without feeling rushed. This school’s teachers are highly educated and not only try to help children learn, but if there is any other concern, they help with explanations without regard for time. My daughter will continue all of her classes. And I’m glad that online schools exist so that my child can receive the best education possible while staying at home.

  4. My Child likes the sessions at Cyboard. In a short amount of time, he is learning a lot since he is interested in learning new things. He has reached a completely new level in his development of comprehension of the environment. With Cyboard School and the way it instructs him, I am quite happy.

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