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K8 School – Everything To Know About This Online School

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About K8 School

Online schools in India offer ultimate convenience and superb pacing options to seamlessly thrive academically. In present times, the benefits of technology are utilized to create immersive learning experiences. One such leader of online education in India is K8 School. This platform is an example of the best-in-class schooling design. As it takes homeschooling & online schooling to the next level!

Let’s explain the reasons behind drawing this conclusion:

Features And Offerings:

India’s first and only accredited 100% online school, K8 School designs a full-fledged student-centric platform to deliver the best online schooling in India. This school is a rare combination of a structured world-class curriculum, with the best elements of the Indian traditional education system.

Its teaching faculty adds great value to this school. As they are trained particularly to teach through the online medium. The most striking feature of this school is the handholding of online teachers through well-designed online classes. The educator support of this school is created in a manner that sets the parents free from the compulsion of being present with the child during the online classes.

K8 School hires the industry’s best talent to meet the educational goals of this world-class school. And these teachers are capable of engaging students in online classes completely on their own. One big reason why parents choose K8 School is that it minimizes their burden. Most parents simply help the child log- in during the class. And they are free to carry on with other priorities leaving the child in the teacher’s able hands.

This school covers grades from Nursery to 8th. And it promises online classes for K8 learners with only 15 students in a particular class.

Coming to the next question, what are the school timings? How many classes can we expect in a day?

Well, the K8 school syllabus is covered in classes conducted 2-4 hours daily. The timings of this are 8:30 am to 2:30 PM from Monday to Friday. Every second and fourth Saturday is an activity day. However, the specific timings for different grades might vary. You check the FAQs section to see the grade-wise timings.

K8 School Fees

Parents/guardians have two different options to make the fee payment. They can choose the ‘One-time payment plan’ and get the ‘Annual fee exempted’. For the ones who wish to opt for a quarterly payment plan, the school breaks down the overall fee into 4 parts wherein the parent pays 1/4th of the tuition fee at a time. The first quarter of this payment includes the Annual fee along with the 1/4th tuition fee amount.

Please Note– All details of the fee structure are procured from the official website of K8 School. These are subject to change at the school’s discretion.

K8 School’s ‘One Time Payment Plan:

GradeAdmission FeeTuition FeeTotal Fee
Grade 115000100000115000
Grade 215000100000115000
Grade 315000100000115000
Grade 415000100000115000
Grade 515000100000115000
Grade 615000105000120000
Grade 715000105000120000
Grade 815000105000120000
Amount is mentioned in INR

Recognitions/ Accreditations

An institution’s credibility is hands down its biggest USP.

So the question arises is online school allowed in India?

K8 School accreditation is trusted for its excellent quality. Because it secures a prestigious Cognia accreditation. It is easy to cross-verify this accreditation, as the school name appears on the official website of ‘Cognia’. This accreditation guarantees adherence to international quality standards. And K8 School operates in sync with the team of the world’s best educators (Cognia).

This accreditation defines the legitimacy of this institution. Because it can issue 100% valid academic credentials fully acceptable across India and even abroad.

Other Details

Other than the striking unique features of this best school in India, its learning management system, teaching pedagogies and asynchronous duration handholding are also worth mention. The school delivers high-quality schooling through a seamlessly designed learning platform. The study modules (further divided into lessons), online resources, etc. can be accessed through this platform. And students can also join the virtual class through the same.

Keeping the varied types of students with different learning styles and intelligence types, the school provides a mix of online resources. This includes pictures, videos, animations, and similar highly engaging content to meet the learning needs of all types of learners.

K8 School is amongst the best online schools in India. It focuses on preparing students for the 21st century, K8 School goes the extra mile to procure online resources through an award-winner digital content provider, ‘Discovery Education’. This partnership strengthens the STEM learning opportunities to help students acquire the essential ‘SKILLS OF THE FUTURE’. And the best part about this school is that all enrolled students get access to the content by ‘Discovery Content’ without paying any extra charge.

Final Thoughts

As a student-centric fully accredited feature-loaded platform, K8 School manages to meet all the requirements of the best online school. K8 School reviews reveal that it is a popular choice opted by parents for high-quality worry-free schooling. And its world-class touch is one-of-a-kind in India. This school can be a perfect pick for online schooling because it works with superb stakeholder collaboration along the lines of the best international institutions.

As the best academicians in the field of education, it is up to us to explore the full potential of online education. And the best way to do this is to check out K8 School feedback yourself.

The best of Indian and American education is now available for students right here in India. K8 School is hands down ‘THE PERFECT ONLINE SCHOOL’ for any Indian student.

You can validate our information through the school itself.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is Cognia recognised in India?
    Yes, Cognia is recognised in India.
  • Is K8 100% online school?
    Yes, K8 School is India’s first and only 100% online school in India.
  • What is the K8 School teacher’s salary?
    Please get in touch with the school authorities through their official website to know their salary packages and job openings.

For any individual inputs or queries for this page, contact us at: [email protected]

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Reviews & Discussion

6 thoughts on “K8 School – Everything To Know About This Online School”

  1. Manish Mehta

    I always try to be realistic about the amount of time I can dedicate to my 6-year-old’s academic needs as a working parent. So when I was looking for a school, the syllabus and personalised learning were at the top of my list. This school has an extremely fantastic curriculum. He has been acquiring exceptional abilities in English proficiency and early maths. 

  2. My child loves this school. If you are seeking online education, you should surely visit K8 School, it is the greatest school you can discover. Don’t just take my word for it, you can go to their website, and ask them for a free trial class.

    I am very sure that you will like it. The teachers at this school are its best feature. They have a great understanding of how to instruct and deal with the students. I think even shy kids would become socially forward after going to K8 School.

  3. My child had lost some of her reading and writing skills due to spending so much time at home, and I was worried about their development. My top priority when Samaira started K8 School was to improve her fundamental literacy abilities. She was able to get her academic life back on track thanks to this school.

    And she didn’t just get better at learning; she also got better at remembering things thanks to online tools. I was astounded by game-based methods for teaching colours, symbols, and alphabets to the children while utilizing everyday objects from their environment. Samaira had a great time, and her laughter make me a proud mother who chose online education wisely.

  4. Ashutosh ghosh

    My kid is in class 7, and I have no option but to switch locations as I am a serving officer in the Indian Armed Forces. My colleague had suggested the idea of online schooling back in the year 2021, and I trusted his word as he had already enrolled his daughter in this school. By far, this choice has proved to be a good decision. K8 School is a promising online school with some great teachers who are particularly experts in teaching online.
    I have seen my child attend these classes every day with a happy mood. In fact, my son was never so enthusiastic about his classes in a traditional school. He is now happy watching those high-quality videos, and we have experienced the real advantage of virtual learning wherein students can understand at their own pace. My son is not very good at developing concepts understanding. He tends to mix things up and gets confused about Science terminologies. Now with this online school, his teachers have helped him to learn better as he has developed the right study habits. He views the online content over and over again and while repeating he also skips the parts that he has mastered. Simultaneous note-taking activity is also beneficial for him, and he also makes less mistakes now. Thanks to K8 School!

  5. Abhijoy chakraborty

    My wife and I made the right decision when we chose the K8 online school for our son. The way the teachers have helped our son level up his individuality while asserting self-discipline and respect for others has been a truly inspiring experience. I would definitely recommend this to other parents as well.

  6. Abhimanyu Nair

    My son has been studying in K8 school for the past 6 months in grade 3 and I have noticed a significant improvement in his communication skills and confidence. Teachers here focus on the holistic development of children, which I think is fantastic. I recommend K8 school to every student.

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