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Pros and Cons of Homeschooling – All You Need to Know

After the pandemic, several families felt the advantages of homeschooling in India. As a result, several parents in urban areas are looking for a better alternative through home-based schooling.

The concept of homeschooling is considerably new to us. And, many parents find it difficult to homeschool their children. Many of them hold themselves back due to the lack of knowledge about this schooling choice. And this deprives them of the advantages of homeschooling that can be life-changing for their child.

Advantages | Pros of Homeschooling:

1. Better Learning in Self-Decided Schedules

Every child is a unique learner. And has a specific learning style. As an educational choice, homeschooling allows the freedom to learn in one’s self-decided schedules. Hence, parents and students can be the masters of their own learning. They need not follow a timetable created by anyone else. Instead, they decide the time, duration, and mix of subjects as per their own and the child’s preference.

This feasibility also supports better knowledge acquisition. Because homeschoolers get ample time to grasp complex concepts at their self-decided pace. They can also make changes in their learning schedules as per their needs. And this flexibility allows them to cut down the time duration for topics that they have already studied.

In other words, this choice supports mastery learning. And allows sufficient time to master a topic before moving on to another level.

2. Provides Better Handholding

Unlike the regular beliefs, students get more personalized attention from their teachers/mentors through the home-based learning choice. Online classes provided by virtual schooling platforms and open schools are any day better than the ambiance of any regular traditional school classroom. Homeschoolers get more opportunities for personal interactions and superior handholding. Besides, they also avail the benefits of quality interactions outside the traditional learning space.

3. Schooling as Per the Student’s Learning Style

There are specific patterns in which individuals learn and acquire knowledge. These are called learning styles. And largely influence the ways in which the individuals learn. In a heterogeneous group of students in traditional schools, teachers use mixed teaching pedagogies. And this does not create a 100% personalized learning environment for each student all the time.

The Indian government has been quite supportive with the homeschooling trend in India.

Homeschooling, on the other hand, is a customizable learning space that can be tailored around the learner’s preferences. And with the support of some great EdTech platforms, parents can now create a 100% customized learning environment for their child. Unlike the traditional classrooms that cater to several students at a time, this choice is more individualized in nature. All in all, home-based learning suits all types of students across all learning styles.

4. Protects Children from Negativity in Schools

School violence is a grave issue that affects school students across the globe. According to stats, 32% of school students are bullied by their peers. These alarming figures speak volumes about the horrific incidents of school violence. And we all know that our traditional schools are battling with these challenges for ages now. These unresolved challenges highlight the need for better schooling alternatives within the mainstream system. And homeschooling is one of the most secure educational choices.

When we discuss the pros and cons of homeschooling, safety cannot be ignored. And it is evident that a student can find a safe haven at home that protects him/her from the negativity of traditional schools. All in all, this alternative for regular schooling is a secure space outside the vicinity of traditional schools.

5. More Quality Time with the Family

Homeschooling is also a great option in the hustle-bustle of everyday life. This choice helps parents spend more time with their kids. Because they take up additional roles of teacher/mentors over and above their regular duties.

Families who choose to homeschool their kids are closely knit. And they have an opportunity to strengthen their interpersonal relationships. And enjoy better family bonds with this increased scope of interactions.

All this helps to increase their overall life satisfaction. And homeschoolers end up being more well-rounded individuals in the long run.

6. Increases the Scope of Education Beyond Textbooks

Another advantage that makes home-based learning better than traditional is the it’s informal nature that takes learning beyond any defined place and time. Homeschoolers enjoy a handcrafted learning environment wherein they are free to experiment. They can make the most of additional resources other than just the prescribed textbooks. Because this choice gives them enough buffer time to explore additional learning resources and gain a better understanding of topics and concepts.

Disadvantages | Cons of Homeschooling:

1. Subjective Nature

Homeschooling can be difficult to pull off at times. Some parents can find it difficult to address the child’s learning gaps. Besides with some children, it can also take more time in comparison to a regular school. With extra time demands to master concepts a child can even lag behind his/her peers. This issue is the most serious with institutions that do not provide regular classes. However, if you choose a more structured alternative like a virtual schooling platform, it is possible to resolve this challenge.

2. Can Demand More Time from the Parents

For some parents, this choice can also be a pain in the neck. Because most parents are not trained to handle students. And they might end up spending more time and energy to meet the educational needs of their child.

Along with the advantages, several drawbacks of homeschooling make it a difficult decision for the parents to consider it.

All this can be time-taking and tedious for parents. And they might struggle to strike a good work-life balance for themselves.

3. The Need to Arrange for Socializing Opportunities

This option also adds to the parent’s responsibility as they need to arrange for opportunities for their child’s socialization. Homeschoolers make friends through frequent interactions with other children. And for this, their parents need to join homeschooling groups or simply widen their social circle.

Final verdict:

There is a new trend of homeschooling in India. Despite the pros and cons of homeschooling, we cannot ignore its growing popularity and acceptance across the globe. This educational alternative is suitable for several students with different learning. And it gives them an opportunity to thrive within a tailored learning environment.

This option can be great with the support of a credible medium/platform. So, if you are looking to make the most of homeschooling, choose the right institution that can simplify this option.

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