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AOL School

AOL School – Everything You Should Know

About AOL School

Online schools create a new learning pathway for students beyond the constraints of a physical school. In recent times, stakeholders have a choice between some full-fledged digital schools. In this article, we will explore AOL School details and figure out the answer to the question, is AOL School genuine?

Internet reviews can be enlightening in many ways. However, is not a fool-proof decision to rely solely on AOL School reviews. Today, we present a comprehensive overview of this school and what it has in store for students and stakeholders. This article will also cover the most important question, is AOL School is recognized in India?

Keep reading to know it all now!

Features And Offerings:

As a full-fledged online schooling platform, AOL School brings flexible academic programs to support school education through CBSE and NIOS options. This platform also covers the pre-primary level to improve school readiness in preschool age groups.

AOL School founder proudly aims to make learning a fun affair. And one of its appealing USPs includes the added touch of the expertise of IITians (for grades 6 to 12). The school brochure highlights the advantages of the Indian, western and online teaching methods. Students get almost everything similar to a traditional school (like report cards, homework, PTMs, evaluations, tests, and certificates, etc.). Besides, the school claims to make the overall learning experience better with the help of innovative online educational strategies.

The CBSE choice is available for grades I to XII. However, students who take up the NIOS option can enrol in the ‘Open Basic Education’ (OBE) program offered by NIOS itself (from elementary to 14 plus age groups).

AOL School Fee Structure

AOL School fees are not disclosed on the public platform (the official website) and it’s not mentioned in the school brochure either. In this case, you can make a direct inquiry about the fee structure and other inclusions. This will help you to validate AOL School feedback with the cost of its academic programs.

Please Note– All details of the fee structure are procured from the official website of AOL School. These are subject to change as per the school’s discretion.

Recognitions/ Accreditations

Let’s move on to AOL School affiliation now!

The school promises CBSE accredited school education. However, we must understand the term CBSE accreditation in greater detail before drawing any conclusions.

CBSE accreditation process aims at improving the educational outcomes (highlighted in the National Education Policy 2020’s Standard-setting and Accreditation for School Education paragraph)

As per the recent education policy, once the school successfully completes the CBSE accreditation process, it is expected to share public disclosure on the school website. This must include the number of students, classrooms, teachers, fees, subjects taught, and student outcomes, etc.

There is no clarity on any such details on the school’s website. So it is better to clarify these points before opting for its academic programs.

As far as a CBSE affiliation is concerned, there is no information either on the school’s website.  

So is AOL school affiliated with CBSE?

Well, this again needs more probing with the school authorities. The term used by the school is ‘CBSE accredited’. And there is no mention of any CBSE affiliation either (such as the affiliation number that can be validated from the official website of the CBSE)

Other Details

The school follows the aim of taking homeschooling to the next level. However, the smart textbooks are only available for students till grade 5. The batch size of the school is also similar to that of a regular traditional school. It accommodates 25 students in a batch, which is more than the class size of some other digital schooling platforms.

Other than this, the role of IITians sounds impressive but the same is not very clear. While the school claims that the classes are designed by IITians, there is ambiguity about their exact inputs with the CBSE accreditation already in place (whether they teach, supervise or modify curriculum, etc.). We suggest you seek more clarity on these aspects and compare it with the AOL School rating for better clarity.

Final Thoughts

Online schooling is a great choice to meet the unique learning needs of different types of students. A credible and legitimate schooling choice can help students to unlock great learning opportunities in this skill-driven world.

You can make a sensible choice only after weighing the pros and cons of the online schooling offered by AOL School. So do check out this school and clarify the doubts before giving it a final go-ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the AOL school teacher’s salary?
    There is no official information about the AOL school teacher salary on the official website of the school. We suggest you get in touch with the school authorities instead of relying on the random information available on the job portals.
  • I want to know about AOL School careers?
    Please connect with the school through the contact numbers mentioned under the ‘Reach Us’ header on the official website of AOL School.

For any individual inputs or queries for this page, contact us at: [email protected]

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Reviews & Discussion

3 thoughts on “AOL School – Everything You Should Know”

  1. My child absolutely loves this school. If you are searching for an online school, you should definitely check AOL School, it is the best school you can find. Don’t just take my word for it, you can go to their website, and ask them for a free trial class.

    I am very sure that you will like it. The best thing about this school is the teachers. They really know how to teach and tackle children in the class. I think even shy kids would become socially forward after going to Aol School.

  2. Madhu sharma

    My daughter has been admitted to AOL School in Class 3. So far, our experience has been excellent. Not only is the quality of teachers and teaching excellent, but the institute also provides opportunities for students holistic development through hobby classes, celebration of important festivals and events, computer classes, and so on. There is only a light load of homework/assignments, which is a good balance because it helps to consolidate learning without overburdening students.

  3. Arun singhal

    My children are in grades 2 and 4. I like how online exams and activities help kids learn. I can see significant improvement in them now. Thank you, AOL, for providing such a unique learning environment for children.

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