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The Virtual School India – All You Should Know

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About The Virtual School India

This age of digitalization has outshined the traditional modes of education. We now have new and convenient options such as digital schooling platforms. One such online school is ‘The Virtual School India’.

Let’s discuss ‘The Virtual School India’ details and see if it can suffice the real purpose of high-quality education through its home-based learning model. 

Before we get down to the details of this online school, here’s a quick look at the future prospects of online schooling in India!

  1. As per a leading media platform, 75% of parents in India (who were surveyed) prefer online education for their kids even after the pandemic. And similarly, 63% of parents felt that online learning has been beneficial.
  2. A study by KPMG and Google also highlights some astonishing facts. The online education market grew at a CAGR of 52% between the years 2016 to 2021. One of the key challenges in adopting online education in India was lower content availability at lower rates (with a weightage of 34%). Limited content was another challenge with a weightage of 35%.  The same report highlights the student preferences in India, 72% of students preferred the use of mobiles for online content. And 88% of students preferred laptops. 

These statistics indicate that online education is certainly the new norm. And with some good online schooling options, we can manage to resolve the key challenges through low-cost online content.

Let’s assess if ‘The Virtual School India’ can support this endeavour of high-quality online schooling for Indian students:

Features and Offerings

The Virtual School India founders aim at improving the accessibility of school education through the power of technology. The school follows a visionary approach of accepting virtual education within the mainstream Indian education settings. It operates with options of Indian and international boards i.e. NIOS and Cambridge Board respectively.

The school helps students to complete the entire pre-primary to class 12 education through its NIOS option. For Cambridge, there is a feasibility to pursue pre-primary to Grade 7.

The school promises interactive live online classes for doubt clearing purposes. These are further designed to meet the individualized instructions with two different options namely ‘Regular online schooling’ and ‘Premium online schooling’. The former allows 15 students in the session conducted at a regular time. And the latter is capped at only 3 students with the feasibility of a flexible timing option.

The Virtual School India Fee Structure

To know the ‘The Virtual School India’ fees one needs to send an SMS or WhatsApp message in a standard format. This information is available on the ‘Enrollment’ page (of the official website) along with the necessary details (such as the payment mode, revert TAT, and refund policy).

While the exact fee structure is not disclosed, the school does claim to provide education at a reduced cost and additional instalment options to make the fee payment.

Please Note– All details of the fee structure are procured from the official website of The Virtual School India. These are subject to change as per the school’s discretion.

Recognitions/ Accreditations

For ‘The Virtual School India’ affiliation part, the school shares the below-mentioned information:

The school is registered with the Government of Karnataka. The school authorities are transparent enough to share their registration number (23/27/CE/0654/2009).

Other Details

Despite the emphasis on online education, The Virtual School India also has a hybrid model. Students can choose to attend in-person sessions at their Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru location over and above the online sessions. The platform also makes use of technology to improve student engagement (such as game-based strategies etc.). There is an additional focus on improving interpersonal interactions between students through debates, discussions, etc.

The Virtual School India reviews do not highlight many aspects of the school. So it’s wise to look for ‘The Virtual School India’ feedback through random channels.

The school authorities claim to follow a structured approach toward online education. They go the extra mile to create lesson plans and adopt some effective teaching practices such as flipped classrooms etc.    

Final Thought:

As an option for online schooling during the uncertain times of the global pandemic, The Virtual School India presents a promising picture. The only aspect that can worry the stakeholders is the preference to select a direct CBSE-affiliated institution. We all know that the state governments, international boards, and open schooling options have their own credibility. So it’s just about verifying the school’s legitimacy and making the choice that you feel is the most suitable for the child. 

We hope we are successful in connecting the dots comprehensively for the prominent online schooling options.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is ‘The Virtual School India’ teacher salary?
    The school encourages more written communication through messaging applications. You can connect with them to know their pay scales and other employment perks.

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