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Importance of English Language: A Passport to Success

Importance of English Language: A Passport to Success

In this globalized world, the importance of English is much more than just a link language. It is a matchless skill or a tool that connects the world across the boundaries of land, culture, history, and civilizations. For decades now, there is a global recognition for the English language. In fact, it is one of the most spoken languages in the world

Do you know that English is the most widely spoken language of the  7000 different languages spoken worldwide?

Take a look at these top 10 languages spoken in the world.

Language Speakers in Millions
Mandarin Chinese 1138
Portuguese 263.6
Different language speakers in the world


Isn’t it?

Let’s delve deeper and see how this dominant language is important for our students in India.

What is the Importance of the English Language?

Many of our Indian students have always seen English as a main language that is compulsory and acts as a medium for most subjects in the school. It is a fact that our Indian society looks up to English as an essential language that depicts class. And status and in many cases people also believe that knowledge of English symbolizes high intellect. For many parents/caregivers/stakeholders, this is why is it important to learn English.

While all this is true to some extent, in reality, there’s clearly much more to it!

Let’s break down the actual importance of English as a language.

Why did English Become important in our Lives?

Employment Opportunities

As per an interesting report published by ‘Forbes’, almost 35% of the people who hire employees or deal with employee management gave a positive response to individuals with language proficiency in another language. The results were mostly in the form of:

  • Offering a job
  • Recommending promotion
  • Approving/recommending a pay hike

You must have heard about the employability prospects in any speech on importance of English language. There is definitely an edge for individuals who possess sound English speaking skills in India and abroad. And as a result, the advantages of bilingualism and multilingualism are also widely known concepts in the present times. It is also believed that people who can speak languages fluently are capable of being more productive and multitasking in the workplace.

Indeed, being bilingual or multilingual sets a candidate apart from others. It is a great pathway to make it to international jobs. And also improves the chances of being hired in highly paying remote jobs. Many organizations look for candidates who can pull off international research work. Again, the language edge is bigger than we think.

Access to Information

Globally, 63.7% of the websites make use of English. This means that the knowledge of this language gives you a chance to access loads of information at any given point in time. Clearly, the importance of English communication is relevant in this digitalized world. Because 25.9% of global internet users are able to understand around 60% of internet websites with the help of this link language (they do not use a translation tool). 

Percentage of internet users understand website without translating

The most widely used languages on websites are as follows:

Language used on Websites%
language used on website | Benefits of english language

Access to global content is a passport to success and knowledge in this age of social media and online content. We can know the world’s happenings, and explore the best possibilities (like jobs, freelance work, etc.) through this language.

Networking Opportunities

The importance of English in our life is beyond the prospects of education and jobs. This language is also a key to global businesses and worldwide trade. Once again access to international media. And social media platforms play a crucial role in expanding networking opportunities for business.

All in all, the benefits of global connections, intercultural understanding, and collaboration with multinational organizations are open only to those who are proficient in speaking the English language. The importance of learning English is paramount for people who travel for work. And the same holds true for the ones who live overseas but collaborate with people in India.

Do you know that India the foreign direct investment equity inflow to India in the financial year 2022 was around 572 billion U.S Dollars?

Singapore and Mauritius accounted for the highest equity flow to India in 2023.

Foreign direct investment equity inflowIn US Dollars (Figures in Billions)
Mauritius 6
Foreign direct investment equity inflow to india due to english language

Prospects of Higher Education

Have you ever noticed the main parts of any speech on importance of English language?

It covers the prospects for higher but most of us comprehend these opportunities for overseas educational opportunities. However, knowledge of English is now as important even for admission to higher education institutions here in India. To sum up, English is a higher education medium of instruction. And this explains why is it important to learn English.

Now that we know this much, let’s summarize the top 6 reasons to learn English once again.

6 Reasons to Learn English

  • The Bilingual Edge
  • Demands of the 21st Century
  • A Window to the World
  • Makes Intercultural Communication Easier
  • Unmatched Exposure that Counts
  • Improves Employability

Now that we are convinced of the reasons and know why is it important to learn English, here’s a look at the right ways of mastering this language.

What are the Best Ways to Learn English?

Accessing Resources

Books, internet content, newspapers, online articles, podcasts, shows, etc. are some cost-effective yet great ways to learn English. Today, our Indian students are quite fortunate to have access the global content through online resources (available in online schools). In addition, they can also avail the benefit of technology and access varied platforms for exposure to English TV channels, shows, series, bulletins, documentaries, etc. bulletins. A simple EBook can be used to make notes simultaneously. And later, the student can go back to it and jot down word meanings, and synonyms, and pick the right expression. The internet is a boon for knowledge seekers. Because it extends great opportunities to learn English online.

Online Learning

In this age where the importance of English communication is widely acknowledged, numerous platforms offer courses to strengthen the English language. Indian students or adults can join courses, and download mobile applications (like Babbel, Engvarta, Duolingo, Hello Talk, etc.

Do you know that globally, language learning applications generate massive revenue?

Here’s a quick synopsis of the top 3 language learning applications in the world.

AppRevenue in U.S Million Dollars
language learning apps revenue world wide | importance of english language

In India too, the language and casual learning online education market was estimated to reach 29 million U.S. dollars back in 2021. With this rise, this market witnessed a 42% compound annual growth in comparison to the year 2016.

You can also use some other ways like the websites that offer English tests, practice tools, resources, and even game-based opportunities. When you realize the importance of learning English, the practice should not cost you much with an internet connection and a device. Do check out a couple of reviews for the paid subscriptions if you happen to shortlist any of them.  


Good books are also a great way of mastering the language. Reading helps an individual to discover new and better ways of expression. It also shows ideal sentence structures. And exposes the reader to varied writing styles as well. It also builds vocabulary which is an essential aspect of language acquisition. And the best part is that you can always select material/content as per beginner or advanced levels. To know more benefits of reading books refer to this article:- Benefits of Reading Books That You Never Discovered

Considering the importance of language English in today’s world, we can say that reading habits are the foundation for strengthening language skills. So develop a couple of these habits. And see how these can be a game-changer for you.


Movies, web series, and dramas are also some excellent ways of strengthening your English language skills. Always go for the English versions. And keep learning their words, pronunciation, and sentence structures. This fun way of learning the language also gives you a fair idea about the various accents used in the world, So if you really acknowledge the importance of English communication ditch that dubbed version for good.

Final Thoughts

Learning a global language is certainly a great edge in this competitive world. Most of us already know the importance of English in our life. And with the growing exposure through the internet, this advantage is now a widely acknowledged fact. With the knowledge of English, we can make new friends, learn about various cultures, and avail the best possible opportunities open for us.

The unprecedented advantages of English proficiency are now available for Indian students. Let’s shape the future of our students with a mastery of this language. And open the doors of golden opportunities that they can cherish for life.

Thanks for Reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • List some advantages of the English language?
    Some common advantages of English language are as follows:
    • International trade
    • Worldwide exposure
    • Access to internet content
    • Bilingual edge
    • Better job opportunities
    • Intercultural understanding
  • Why English is important for career?
    In today’s world, English is the language that connects the world. With increasingly globalized economies, there are a lot of remote and international job opportunities that one can explore. All this is possible only with the knowledge of English language. 
  • What is the importance of English in our life?
    English connects the world and gives us an edge in career and networking opportunities. It is the basis of diplomatic relations. And also adds great value to one’s resume.

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