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Good Touch Bad Touch How to Tell Your Kids the Difference

Good Touch Bad Touch How to Tell Your Kids the Difference

For many obvious reasons, we need to teach our kids about good touch bad touch, and the difference between the two. This knowledge is a savior for our kids. Because several instances prove that our children can experience various types of touches including worrisome ones.

The world around us has a number of threats that can hover around our kids at any point in time. However, this does not mean that we keep our kids overprotected or deprive them of opportunities of socialization. Schools, markets, clubs, parks, movies, malls, etc. are a part of our everyday recreation. Hence, we need to educate our kids about the difference between desirable and undesirable touches to avoid any unpleasant experience.

Let’s unfold more dimensions and see what does good touch bad touch mean? And most importantly how to educate our kids about these two to save them from the predators.

Read on for detailed information and some effective tips in this context.

What is Good Touch?

In the simplest words, good touch is when an individual is comfortable. And feels protected. Teach your child about gestures full of warmth like a gentle hug, a pat on the back, a kiss on the forehead, or a handshake, etc. He/she can consider all these as a good as long as it does not feel uncomfortable or forceful. Similarly, bad touch is right the opposite.

What is Bad Touch?

A bad touch is the one that causes discomfort or uneasiness. So even if a simple caress, hug, cheek pulling, or pat is not likeable for the child, it can still be considered a bad touch. The repercussions of an undesirable touch can be sinister for a child. So make sure you elaborate on this one in more detail. And help the child to understand the difference between the two clearly. The best way to create an understanding of this touch is to tell the child about the body parts that are considered ‘private’. A simple explanation of these areas can help children understand how their body is completely theirs. And no one must touch the private areas, as this would mean a risk to their safety.

The Most Effective Way to Explain what is the difference between a good touch and a bad touch?

As parents, we need to teach our kids about their sexuality. And its importance in their lives. We must understand that both boys and girls can gauge safety concerns only when they are aware of their bodies. So the first step that we need to take in this regard is to explain the difference between their physical space (personal) and casual good touch.

Do not feel shy to speak with the child about the body parts like the genitals. You can use age-appropriate terms to explain these to the child. And keep it simple for the younger ones to comprehend.

Your child needs to know when to break free. And oppose an adult despite feeling a sense of disobedience. In fact, this knowledge is all that can save a kid when the family members are not around.

The Importance of Teaching About Good Touch Bad Touch for Kids

In India, 67.7% of the overall population constitutes of women and children. But the rate of crime and offense against these two is equally high.

chart showing percentage of population constitutes of women and children | Good Touch bad touch

As of 2021, India’s capital, Delhi reported a crime rate of 128.5 per 100,000 children. Similarly, other states also had a high percentage of such cases against kids.

Crime percentage against children

Among the many threats that hover around Indian kids (like child labour), sexual abuse dominates the numbers. According to a journal, around 53% of children in India are subjected to sexual abuse. And the worst part is that many of them do not even speak about these issues with anyone. As a result, several cases remain unreported leaving our innocent kids highly VULNERABLE!

Child Labour Cases

Child Sexual abuse cases in india | Good Toouch bad touch

What is the Right Age to Develop Knowledge of Good Touch Bad Touch for Kids?

According to a leading media house, a child can be sensitized to this knowledge when he/she is 2 to 3 years old. At this age, kids start socializing outside their homes. Because they enter the preschools. And are exposed to many outsiders on a daily basis.

As parents/stakeholders, we must understand that our selection of words holds great importance. Because kids at the preschool level can only understand age-appropriate vocabulary. And they also need more real-life examples to connect information/language spoken etc. The report published in this journal shares a relevant example of a swimsuit to teach the child about private body parts. You can also make use of examples like undergarments if your child is not exposed to swimming.

Before you share all this information with the kid, ensure that you also teach about emotions through understandable charts or emojis. Teach the child about the emotion that one can experience followed by a bad touch. So that he/she knows when to raise an alarm or look for help.

Effective Tips for Teaching Good and Bad Touch

Family Bonding and Mutual Trust

Kids speak to their parents confidently only when they feel a strong bonding within the family. As parents, we must ensure that our kids are heard each and every time when they come up to us. In fact, establishing family rules like having dinner together, etc. can help children to open up about their issues easily.

Make yourself available for the child all the time. And assure that you are always there for him/her. Especially with the girl child, parents must create a strong bonding. Because this will make the child more comfortable in sharing problems related to topics that do not seem comfortable to the child.

Do you know that other than the benefit of safety, protecting your child with love and affection also supports a healthy development of their brain?


Experts have proved this fact.

Books and Online Resources

Educational videos (on platforms like YouTube or online schools etc.). And books are wonderful ways of teaching kids about good touch & bad touch. Read out relevant literature. And get into the habit of watching such videos and reading books etc. together to help your child develop appropriate vocabulary for the understanding of this crucial topic.

Build Knowledge of Terms

Most parents do not understand the importance of teaching the child/children good expression when it comes to one’s sexuality or private body parts. Teach your child about the exact name of their gender-specific body part. This will help the child to know the right expression in times of need, even if they seek help from adults who are outside the family. The use of misleading/vague or secretive language can do more harm than good. So remember that your proactive attitude as a parent is a support for your kid.

Teach the Ways to Seek Help

When a child knows what is inappropriate the next step is to teach him/her the ways to look for help in case of a threat. Teach the child how to seek the attention of other people. And instill confidence to scream and use words like ‘HELP’ in any such situation.

Make your kid memorize the home address, and contact numbers (including buffer contacts as backup for not-contactable cases). And make sure that the child is trained to run fast if there is a risk of sexual abuse. Help your child to learn how to answer back in a firm tone.

Another effective tip is to teach the child about identifying the uniforms of defense teams like police, army men, home guards, etc. This will give them an idea of selecting the right channel if they are insecure in a public place like a temple, mall or market, etc.

Simple Self-Defense Moves

The best way to keep the unthinkable incidents at bay is to train the child in simple self-defense moves. Teach the ways of curling fingers, and using the thumb outside to teach the ways of pulling fists and hitting hard. Other ways like hitting the bad person’s foot with a heavy foot stomp. And teaching simple tips to distract one’s attention and run can be live saviors for your kids. Try all this and research more such options to empower your kid with some practical defense moves.

Let’s sum up these important points through a chart.

Good Touch Bad Touch Chart

Good Touch Bad Touch Chart

Final Thoughts

Our Indian children are a vulnerable group. And the shocking numbers of crimes against children have shot up in the past couple of years. Between the years 2010 and 2020, the cases of crime against kids increased steeply by around 381%.  Metropolitans like Delhi have also seen a sharp increase in these cases by around 63%. The best way to prepare our kids against these threats is to:

Choose Safety


 Define the line between good touch & bad touch!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the importance of good touch bad touch for kids?
    The growing number of child molestation, sexual abuse, and harassment are warning signs for parents.  The knowledge of good touch bad touch for kids protects kids from these undesirable incidents.
  • What is the difference between a good and a bad touch?
    Good touch is full of warmth and is comfortable. On the other hand, badtouch is risky and makes a child uneasy.
  • Share some tips for teaching good and bad touch?
    You can educate the child about the difference between these types of touch through simple examples like the body parts covered by regular clothing and undergarments. You can also make use of examples like swimming costumes to explain private body parts.  

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