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Best Hobbies for Students to Boost Their Mental Health

Best Hobbies for Students to Boost Their Mental Health

In India, mental health is much more than just a buzzword!

It impacts the life of millions of Indians. In fact, 15% of Indian adults need active intervention for one or more mental health issues. Talking about students in India, the condition is almost similar. Because most of the students lead a hectic life. And there’s hardly any time for hobbies for students.

It is alarming that half of the mental health issues start with individuals in the school-going age (around 14 years). In fact, the most common issues found in students are ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), anxiety, and depression. Unfortunately, our country seems to be in bad shape in terms of the mental health of students. You will be shocked to know that 81% of Indian students find exams (studies) as their biggest cause of anxiety.

Clearly, our students need help with mental health issues. And so do the stakeholders!

Let’s delve into this important topic today. And see how we can help our students deal with this challenge by finding good hobbies that can be productive and joyous for our younger generations!

Let’s get started.

What are the Benefits of Hobbies for Students?

Fun and Relaxing

In the stress of everyday life, our students get used to a boring and mundane lifestyle. They spend long hours in the school. And attend tuition for the rest of the day. With almost a similar routine and lots of academic pressure, there is nothing fun and interesting for most students. Pursuing a hobby is a great way to break this monotony of everyday life.

Building Skills

Many hobbies add a sense of relief and gratification to the student’s life. At the same time, it also helps students to hone some great skills that can be highly beneficial for them later. For example, pursuing the hobby of sketching or dancing can easily develop into a career aspiration at a later stage in life.

Makes Them Happy

Best hobbies cultivate a sense of positivity in students. And it adds much-needed pleasure and joy to their lives.

Do you know that taking up good hobbies can be a great non-medical intervention for mild depression?


Studies prove that hobbies like art and gardening are wonderful for our well-being and mental health.

After discovering these benefits of hobbies, it’s time to find the best picks for our students. Let’s explore some of the best hobbies that can boost the mental health of students.

Best Hobbies Examples for Students to Boost Their Mental Health

Art and Craft

Indulging in art or craft is the best way to unleash your creative side. Help your students to try out some of the techniques using watercolors acrylic paints, or simply crayons. Students who know sketching can also try their creativity with random ideas. All the good work can be used to present for classroom decoration. And they can also share their work with their friends and family members.

Paper crafts, models, collages, etc. are some wonderful ways to engage purposefully. Try out some of these with your students. And see how it helps them to feel better with a sense of accomplishment.


For students, photography is one of the best hobbies. It helps them to develop a sense of gratitude for the wonderful things around them. And also improves their presentation skills. Planning a good photography session in itself is a wonderful way of developing creativity in students. They learn the value of good presentation. And also understand some great ways of expression and ideas.

With the popularity and the growing accessibility of smartphones, it is easy to help students hone these skills. Do you know that the smartphone penetration rate has an upward trend?

Here’s a look at some quick facts before we discuss more hobbies examples for students.

In India, the smartphone penetration rate is 70.95% in the year 2023. The same is expected to grow up to 74.98% in 2024. And by the year 2025, this rate will reach around 78.4%.

Playing a Musical Instrument

Most of us know that music is great for pain management, depression, improved sleep, and uplifting mood. Music helps in calming down our minds. And in this way, it is a great support to combat mental health issues. Music also keeps a check on our hormones. And in this way it also helps us in striking the right emotional balance. Help your students to learn the art of playing musical instruments. It is a great way of learning about teamwork. And also teaches students about the importance of collaborative efforts (by joining musical bands, working in groups, etc.). Some children are also good at composing their own songs with lyrics, and music. Encourage such students to create original songs/tunes. And make them more visible to others through special mentions or some short presentations.


Incorporating dance into the student’s routine is another great way to add good hobbies to a student’s lifestyle. As per research, dance has great benefits for one’s mental health. Because it improves mood, eases anxiety, and also reduces depression. 

Do you know that dance can improve a child’s adaptability in school?

Yes! An interesting research proves that dance improves an individual’s ability or express. And also support in developing adaptability in school.


gardening | best hobbies for students

Evidence also suggests some mental and emotional health benefits associated with plants. Best hobbies like gardening can help students to reap these benefits. Encourage your students to be a part of gardening activities in the local community parks, and school premises. And they can also enjoy simple planting activities (like kitchen waste, salad growing, celery, etc.) at home.

Fireless Cooking

As an essential life skill, we all must teach cooking to all our kids. Simple fireless cooking should be encouraged at school and even at home. Journals have highlighted numerous ways of engaging kids in safe fireless cooking activities. Teach your students to make salads, mango puddings, popsicles, sandwiches, milkshakes, etc.

Exercise, Aerobics, and Yoga

Mindful activities like yoga, meditation, physical exercise, aerobics, Zumba, etc. are highly beneficial as best hobbies. Most traditional/online schools focus on these activities. In fact, there are some proven health benefits of such activities, that we cannot ignore for our students. Some of these benefits include better sleep quality, improved memory, reduced screen time, and less stress in life.

All in all, these activities help students to maintain good physical health. And eventually, these also boost their mental health. 

Now that we have understood much about good hobbies, let’s give you some quick tips to plan these hobbies for students.

Quick Tips to Plan Best Hobbies for Students

  • Create daily routines for students as per the student’s age group and academic requirements.
  • For younger kids, it can be easy to plan any of the above-mentioned hobbies examples for students frequently. But for the elder ones, it is better to keep these once or twice a week.
  • Go by the child’s interest.
  • Discourage a sedentary lifestyle and too much use of the internet.
  • Teach time management to find time for enjoyable activities.
  • Try to mix up things to make it more fun.
  • Promote overall health to make kids active in any type of hobby.  
  • Be a good role model, and share your time management strategies to teach them the right ways of utilizing time.
  • Do not hesitate to try innovative ideas and new things. Because these can be more enjoyable than you think.

Final Thoughts

Best hobbies help students to stay fit, unwind, and enjoy their lives to the fullest. These hobbies help them to learn organizational skills, time management. And also about the imperative skills of collaborating with others. There are several benefits (such as health and mental well-being) of these hobbies. Help your students to indulge in these hobbies. And add the much-needed element of fun while learning in their academic journey!

Thanks for Reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the best hobbies examples for students?
    Some of the best hobbies are as follows:
    • Music/playing a musical instrument
    • Exercise, aerobics, Zumba, yoga, meditation, etc.
    • Dancing (any dance form be it classical or freestyle)
    • Gardening (indoor or outdoor)
    • Cooking (fireless for younger students)
    • Art and craft
    • Photography
    • Reading and writing
    • Sketching
    • Collaborative activities
  • Which hobbies for students support their mental health?
    Most hobbies that are enjoyable for students are good for their mental health. The best way to plan a hobby to boost mental health is to see the student’s interest. In almost all cases, music, art, dance, and gardening are extremely gratifying and joyous for students.
  • Mention the best hobbies for school kids?
    School kids can be engaged in music, dance, nature walks, camping, hiking, photography, pottery, drawing, painting, and physical exercise, etc.
  • How can good hobbies fight depression?
    For depression, all sorts of activities like playing a musical instrument, creative writing, collaborative social work, and planting, etc. can be highly beneficial.


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