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K12 Online Schools: The Best Quality Education Beyond Boundaries

K12 online schools

In the past couple of years, India witnessed a spike in the number of online students. There was a massive 170% hike in the number of enrollments for online education (higher education) in 2022. Similarly, distance learning institutions also saw a growth of 42% in the same year.

hike in enrollment for online education


Distance learning institutions also saw a growth

At the higher education level online learning is almost an accepted paradigm (with 14.6 lakh students in 2020-21 and 20.3 lakh in 2021-22). However, the same trend is also visible at the school level with some great accredited online schools like K12 Schools!

online learning enrollments by year in lakhs

If you are considering online schooling for your child go through this information to know about a great online schooling choice, ‘K12 Schools’ an institution with a vision to make ‘Education Beyond Boundaries’ possible for every Indian student!

About K12 Online Schools

Owned by EDOVU VENTURES PRIVATE LIMITED, K12 Schools is an institution committed to the endeavor of delivering world-class affordable education. The school aims to support the Indian government with its innovative approach based on the internationally ascribed standards of accreditation.

This innovative virtual school offers affordable quality schooling aligned with the values of the National Education Policy 2020. The school extends academic support through Indian and British curriculums with the feasibility of appearing for public exams through a legitimate/acceptable/valid board. For the best educational experience, the school follows student behavioral research teaching technology. This enhances the quality of instructional delivery and also helps teachers to plan the right methodologies.

Features and Offerings of K12 Online Schools


  • Small batch size with only 20 students per class.
  • 3 to 4 hours of regular virtual classes (5 to 6 days a week).
  • Vision to develop a lasting passion for learning.
  • AI-powered online learning platform with study material that suits the needs of every child.
  • Tailored learning resources.
  • Personalized content delivery for every learner to improve the quality of instructional delivery.
  • Educator support by expert teaching faculty.
  • Live online classes with recordings.
  • Fun and educational events to add more engaging experiences.
  • Auto counsel features to gauge student’s strengths.
  • The LMS has features like an integrated curriculum, child growth monitoring, audio-visual aids, and personalized assessments.

features and offerings of k12 online schools


  • The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) under the Ministry of Education (MOE), Government of India.
  • Cambridge-approved school (affiliation number IA802)

Curriculum Choices (For Homeschooling)

  • Indian Curriculum- NIOS (The National Institute of Open Schooling)
  • British Curriculum- Cambridge IGCSE

k12 schools curriculum

Subjects Choices – K12 Online Schools

Indian Curriculum Subjects (NIOS):

Foundation Program Highlights (Nursery, L.KG, and U.KG)
Social-emotional Learning
Well-structured Phonic Program
Primary Subject Details
English (First Language) First Language
Second Language –  Compulsory
Third Language Optional ( from grades 3-5)French/German
Mathematics Math
Social Studies / Science Social Studies / Science
Yoga & Mindfulness Relaxation
Arts Art
ICT Information and Communication Technology
Middle School Subject Details
English First Language
Tamil/Kannada Second Language
French/Spanish/German Third Language
Mathematics Math
History, Civics, and Geography Social Studies
Physics, Chemistry and Biology Science
Arts Art
ICT Information and Communication Technology
Middle School STEM Based Program (Optional) with an additional fee Applied engineering
Product design
Subjects Secondary
Main Subjects English
Science (Physics/Chemistry/Biology)
History, Geography, Biology
S. Science
Language options

(Additional fee is chargeable)

Group Senior Secondary
Group-A Hindi, English, Tamil
Group-B Mathematics, Psychology, Geography, Economics, Business Studies
Group-C Physics, History
Group-D Chemistry, Political Science
Group-E Biology, Accountancy
Group-F Computer Science, Sociology, Home Science

You can check more details about their Cambridge IGCSE programs on this page.

Co-Curricular Activities

 K12 Online Schools maximize the benefits of homeschooling by adding a variety of extra-curricular activities over and above the regular academics. Here’s a list of the extra-curricular activities offered by K12 Schools:

  • Yoga
  • Music
  • Coding
  • Personality-development classes
  • Story-telling
  • Moral studies
  • Dance
  • Post-classroom learning content
  • Art
  • Cultural exchanges
  • Counseling

Age Eligibility

Please check the tables below for the age eligibility for the British and Indian curriculums respectively.

British Curriculum Pathways Age Group (in Years)
Early Years 3 to 6
Primary Years 5 to 11
Lower Secondary 11 to 14
Cambridge IGCSE 14 to 16
International AS & A Levels 16 to 19
Indian Curriculum Age Group (in Years)
Foundation School 3 to 6
Primary school 7 to 10
Middle school 11 to 14
Secondary and Sr. Secondary School 14 to 18

Fee Structure

K12 Online Schools does not disclose their fee structure through their official website. The enrollment steps are as follows:

  1. Submit your online application.
  2. Take the online assessment.
  3. Attend the personal counseling session.
  4. Enrollment is complete.

You can check K12 School’s privacy policy here.

Other Noteworthy Details

  • Students who enroll in the Indian program appear as ‘Private’ candidates for the NIOS Open School exam (secondary and senior secondary level).
  • The school does mention the ‘American’ curriculum on its official website. However, there is no dedicated page for this curriculum on their website (with the necessary details). Kindly contact the school directly to know about any such offerings. You can find their contact details here.
  • The school has a ‘Fee Refund Policy’. You can check the details of this policy here.

Final Thoughts

In this digitally-driven world, K12 Online Schools is creating a holistic learning experience with its futuristic vision and planned approach. This school has the best mix of offerings with both Indian and British curriculums. From the Foundation stage to the senior secondary level, this virtual school fits almost all students who wish to take up homeschooling as an educational alternative.

Scrutinize their features carefully, and start your child’s academic journey with the magical touch of innovative technology with K12 Schools today!

Thanks for Reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the fee structure of K12 Online Schools?
    The school does not mention any fee structure on its official website. Please contact the school authorities directly through the contact details mentioned on this page. You can also send them a request by filling out the inquiry form on this page.
  • What are the timings for the Foundation learning program offered by K12 Online Schools?
    The total instructional time of the school’s Foundational program is 2 hours 40 minutes. The classes start at 9 am (till 11:40 am) and the maximum student strength of 15.
  • Can we choose K12 Online Schools for homeschooling a child?
    For a structured homeschooling learning experience, parents can choose K12 Online Schools. There are options between the Indian and British curriculum.

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