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Best preschools in India follow international standards of teaching in nursery, kindergarten, and pre-primary schooling.

What to Look for in a Pre Primary School for Your Child?

Choosing the right preschool is one of the most important decisions for you as a parent! And with the rising standards of the education industry, it is now even more complex. Thankfully, with some great options, you can pick the right platform as per your child’s needs. However, you need to the process of selecting a school can be quite tedious and mind-boggling for many parents!

If you are planning to enroll your child in a pre-primary school, know these aspects before you get started!

Some public schools also entertain daycare programs for preschoolers. Such preschool programs offer a nurturing environment for the kids.

1. Location and Convenience

When you start looking for a preschool, make sure you settle for something that is closely located. Your child will attend school every day. Hence, this location should be easy to commute and comfortable as well. Do not get your child and yourself in trouble with an unmanageable distance. Because it will be another ‘BIG TASK’ to change this wrong choice of school. Be realistic and go for something that can suit both you and your child well. And never settle or compromise for this distance aspect.

If you find it difficult to get a perfect preschool in your desired location, explore other options. Check out 100% online schooling platforms. And enroll your child in its preschool grade. Unlike regular beliefs, virtual schooling is quite fruitful for preschoolers. Because an online learning environment is more positive and student-centric than any of the traditional schools.

2. Ambiance/ Learning Environment

A positive learning environment is not a bookish term!

It can make a lot of difference in your child’s academic journey. And even help him/her to climb up the ladder of academic success. Shortlist a school that keeps the student at the focal point of the teaching and learning process. And also see to it that it is free from issues like school violence and similar threats.

A good preschool has hygienic surroundings (explained in detail under point number 6). And it takes care of the students through trained staff. Feel free to ask questions during your visit, and scrutinize all these minute details carefully.

3. Teachers

As parents, you must know the ground realities of the Indian education system. By the year 2020, 1 out of every 6 elementary teachers were not well trained. And this teacher quality issue was one of the primary areas that needed improvement as per the National Policy of Education, 2020.

Do not send your child to a preschool that has untrained teachers and a very high pupil-teacher ratio. Instead, look for an institution that has better teachers and feasibility for personalized learning. Go by the acceptable norms of the industry. And refrain from any adjustments that can impact your child’s learning. Pre-primary school level also requires good support of nannies, assistant teachers, and non-teaching staff members. See to it that the school that you choose has all this well in place.

4. Curriculum and Focus on Holistic Development

The initial years of your child’s life have a long-term impact on his/her life. Choose a school that has a structured curriculum. And check with the school for their academic and non-academic activities. Be sure about their standards, subjects, and efforts for the social-emotional development of their students.

When it comes to playschools, stress-free preschooling can help a child in their crucial early childhood development.

Because this combination of extra-curricular activities also plays a vital role in your child’s personality development. Do check for drama, physical education, art, and craft, etc. other than the academics within the curriculum.

5. Cost Factor

In India, parents can end up paying around Rs. 1000 to 2500 for preschool education. However, this hefty amount is not practical for every family on a ground level. Even after bearing the burden of preschool fees, the expenses continue.

Because our traditional schools have a lot of hidden and miscellaneous charges.

Before you shortlist your desired preschool, see to it that it fits your budget. Also, do not fall in for extra fancy options, just because they seem attractive to you. At the end, quality matters in your child’s schooling. And you must do good research for the options keeping in mind the monetary aspects.

6. Safety and Hygiene

Your child will spend two to three hours a day in the preschool. So make sure you check the facilities and level of hygiene provided by the school. Ramps, staircases, cleanliness in washrooms, and the number of extra attendants can make all the difference. See to it that the premises have a level of sanitation. And with Covid threats, do check for the adherence of Covid guidelines as well. Shortlist the institution that can give you all this. And do not leave any scope of lag in these basics.

7. Parental Involvement

Your child’s holistic development needs a collaborative effort from all the stakeholders. Go for a school that believes in involving parents actively. Because it is essential for you to stay on the same page with the teachers. Before you finalize a preschool, check for the channels of communication, and the frequency as well. Do not hesitate to ask for the revert TAT (turnaround time) for the grievance/concern raised. Because even this shows the efficiency of the school in addressing the concerns raised by the parents.

8. Check the Internet Reviews

The reviews and feedback posted by parents for a school also help you to know their actual position. You can check the reviews of the parents and get an idea of what lies beneath their fancy offerings. And go for the one that has the best ratings and positive feedback by most parents of the previous batches.

Pre-primary school classrooms require the teachers to focus on learning through games and play.

In India, preschool education can vary from institution to institution.

Hence, you need to be careful about your choice before you finalize one.

Before you start with the process of selecting a preschool, follow the above-mentioned points and create a checklist. If you are not able to find what you really want, you can also consider online schooling options for you child. Because this will resolve all your issues and create a convenient online learning space for your little one!

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