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Online schooling provides a fascinating learning experience to learners.

Should You Try Online Schooling in India?

Online schooling is one such booming trend in the Indian educational landscape & urban India is embracing this new educational alternative.

Online school education gained momentum during the pandemic. And its popularity continues in this recovery phase. Most of our institutions now have hybrid learning options, and many others offer 100% online learning facilities.

Just like any other innovation, parents in India too had mixed reactions about virtual learning. Some of them were desperate to get back to their traditional-classrooms schooling. But many others opted to continue with the best online mediums.

The pandemic has highlighted the need for a more resilient education system. And our Indian stakeholders have accepted this new way of teaching and learning as a full-fledged alternative.

If you are still confused about it, read further to know how online schooling can give an edge to a student in India.

Online schooling provides a fascinating learning experience to learners.

Why Consider Online Schooling?

An Extension to the Mainstream Education System

Despite numerous reforms, our Indian education system is still far from being world-class. Most of our policies remain on paper. And our institutions struggle with numerous challenges such as teacher quality and infrastructure etc.

Online education can create a more resilient system in India. And it can seamlessly address various gaps that have crippled our system. From urban-rural divide to accessibility, this choice can be a game-changer for several Indian students. Hence, online schooling is a superb choice for students who face challenges within the education system in India.

In India, 17% of secondary school-level students drop out. And this happens because our mainstream system does not suit a huge section of our student population. Online teaching can bring the school right where the student is. And in this way, it can eliminate numerous barriers to a student’s education.

World-class Standards for 21st-Century Skill-Building

If you have ever desired to be a part of a world-class schooling platform, online schooling is ALL YOU NEED!

India now has the option of virtual schools fully accredited by the top accrediting agencies of the U.S.A. This extends the opportunity for world-class schooling in our nation. And creates a pathway to connect with the leaders of the education & Elearning industry. Parents who are keen on developing global citizenship in their children must opt for 100% online schools. Because this is, the most affordable and easy way to help them build the 4C’s of the 21st-century and sharpen their thinking skills for the workforce. Globally, virtual education gives an edge to a student. And he/she is preferred for a job because of advanced skills. 

Online classes are very effective and required least amount of equipment.

Can Bring Down Your Cost of School Education

For all the parents who get overburdened with the hidden charges of traditional public schools, this choice is ultimate. Virtual schooling can restrict your expenses to the tuition fee. And you can easily calculate the minimal charges over and above this amount (such as the internet and device etc.). You need not spend anything extra once you set up an online learning space at home. Besides, this option will also save you from spending extra just on transportation.

The decision to switch to online schooling can ease your pocket in a number of ways. Because it sets you free from the cost of writing utensils, supplementary reading material, and transportation all at the same time. Quality learning doesn’t get more affordable than this. So, if the cost of education bothers you, then you must try online schooling in India!

The Security Aspect

School violence, abuse, bullying, or assault, you name it and our traditional schools have it!

Our students are anything but safe in the premises of traditional schools. Because rampant cases of school-based violence constantly remind us of our security concerns. Parents who are troubled with these instances (and fail to get a resolution) can now take up a better option. And it is guaranteed much better than leaving a child amidst the mindless power play of regular schools. With this option, all students can find a safe haven. Besides, victims of school violence who choose to quit school can also enroll in a digital schooling platform. This medium can give them a passport to life with a legitimate academic credential. And they can root out the problem of school violence from their lives.

The Way Forward Is Mostly Online

Career options like information security analysts and data scientists are estimated to grow at a rate of more than 30% in the next decade. With the growing trends like work from home, technological skills are certainly the future.

Online teaching is the new way forward.

Online education is ideal to make students tech-savvy. Because they make use of various formats (to access online resources) and get to explore the world of the internet closely. Online learners also tend to possess sound knowledge of issues such as data privacy and digital footprints. And all this makes them more vigilant and knowledgeable in comparison to their traditional peers. With a Face-to-Face learning experience, both the learner and educator enjoy the benefits of online schooling. Students who thrive in an online learning environment get to understand technology better. And they possess sound tech knowledge that strengthens their base for the study of disciplines in the related fields.

Online Schooling Can Help Us Against the Unforeseen

None of us imagined the pitiable condition of traditional institutions during the pandemic. It completely brought in-campus education to a standstill. And underlined the need for better educational alternatives to bank upon. Countries like India got a revelation about the conditions and potential of their mainstream education system.

Parents in India are accepting online schooling wholeheartedly after the pandemic. Because they are finding a credible resolution for the ongoing threats of the next Covid surge.

The Online Education Norm

Our policymakers have already acknowledged the power of digital learning. They are keen on improving the opportunities for digital learning. And initiates like NMEICT (The National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology), SWAYAM are already supporting our mainstream system of education. The recent education policy has highlighted the focus on Moline modes of education across the various stages of formal education. And the government has initiated various campaigns to improve the digital literacy of the masses.

India is all set to revamp its system with the boon of technology!

We can expect some great results out of these policies, in the coming years.

If you wish to prepare your child for the future, go by the trends of the global village.

Choose future-ready online schooling and see how it makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN YOUR CHILD’S LIFE!

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