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Students and Parents are in love with newly developed concept of online schooling in India

The Real Reason Why Online Schooling is Loved by Everyone in India

With so many online schooling programs available form 100% online schools in India, the face of our education industry is all set to change, as the eLearning industry is picking up at a lightning-quick pace!

There are various dimension of online learning that attracts stakeholders and students.

But do you know, what is the biggest advantage of online schooling in India?

E-Learning addresses such aspects that are unresolved in the traditional mediums. And, self-pacing is one such advantage that makes education better than in-campus learning!

There are many advantages of online school learning platforms for students

Flexible study schedules have numerous advantages for students, such as:

An opportunity to focus on weak areas

With virtual schooling, a student is not a struggler in a crowd of 30 plus students. It makes the learners completely free from academic pressures. And they can choose what, when and how to study as per the individual learning needs. It means that a student can decide the number of hours that need to be devoted each day for mastery level learning. All this, in turn, helps bridge any existing learning gaps and makes the way forward easy.

The day planning being entirely asynchronous can be perfectly planned with revision, extra practice and concept understanding, all as per the student. And because there is no direct intervention from the school authorities for increasing or decreasing these time durations and topic allocations.

All this makes the student free to view rich online content several times to grasp and retain the information for long.

Feasibility to study in preferred time slots

The resources of virtual schools are readily available 24/7/365. So the student can be an early riser, a night owl or pick up with studies in the late hours of the day. A virtual school is all about managing your time YOUR WAY.

As long as a student can manage everything within deadlines and the academic progress is good, it can be 100% flexible and self-regulated.

Freedom from a mindless rat race

Imagine a heterogeneous mix of students getting compared to each other by their teachers, friends, and families. All this boils down to severe repercussions like students harming themselves. 
With the high number of lives lost each day, can we consider our traditional education patterns 100% SUCCESSFUL at what they aim?

Academic stress is one of the biggest culprits for this pitiable condition of peer pressure and academic stress in students. And the gaps of our traditional systems give rise to these alarming situations. At times, this stress within our education system gets unbearable for our students. And they chose devastating routes like suicide attempts.

It is now the time to rethink our systems for our students. And online schooling is the perfect way to manage and create an ideal safe HAVEN for students.

Extends skill-building opportunities

With this opportunity of pacing and scheduling as per one’s specific needs and lifestyle, a student gets enough time to develop other skills and workplace specific competencies at an early stage while learning. The buffer time saved can be utilized by pursuing hobbies or by gaining additional knowledge of the skills that matter in the job markets.

So, by the time the learner completes school education, he/she is already WORKPLACE READY!

Flexible learning helps in acquiring relevant soft skills

Written/oral communication skills, time management, critical thinking, problem- solving etc. are all highly relevant skills NEW-AGE skills.

Be it the leadership level or an entry level job, the workplace demands individuals who possess these skills. These flexible study patterns allow the students to sharpen their skill sets and be future ready for the next stage. Additionally, with these advanced skill sets, they also become more confident, self-motivated and independent in their approach.

Empowers students to pick learning styles as per their preference

Another great advantage of breaking free from traditional methods is that the learners can choose their learning styles themselves. They can use podcasts/audio lectures, videos, presentations/slides, and even try out some hands-on experiments.
The idea of flexible learning is 100% student-centric, so it sets them free from teacher dominance and unnecessary interventions. The learning platform of digital schools has varied online resources for all types of learners. They can simply choose and pick what goes well with them and gain mastery over the subject matter.

Can help in retaining the at-risk students within the system

Digital schooling is also an attempt to include all students within the mainstream education system. And retain the at-risk students successfully. Developing countries like ours have age-old unresolved challenges, which means that we need more steady, student-friendly and credible alternate schooling designs to help the ones who are not so fortunate to go to school. With risk free online schooling, all the students, even the ones who need special assistance, are served suitably.

They can fulfil their family responsibilities and make use of their self-designed patterns to complete their education. Digital schooling makes all this possible for them, which regular schools can’t.

Final Thoughts

Online schooling programs are fruitful for the next generation of Digital Natives.

A virtual school breaks free from the unproductive practices and faulty teaching techniques of regular schools.
With such online schooling platforms, India is now ready to witness the power of 100% digital schooling. This option is an answer for virus threats, adverse family conditions, school violence cases, special needs and much more!

All thanks to such visionary institutions, we now have an ideal and suitable platform for each Indian student!

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