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Is Online Learning a Real Support in Combating H3N2 Virus

Is Online Learning a Real Support in Combating H3N2 Virus?

In the past few years, India has witnessed a number of Covid variants, and unfortunately, the threats still continue with the recent similar virus namely, H3N2 influenza!

Most of us are already aware of the precautions to avoid this virus. In fact, these are exactly the same as the ones followed during the Covid pandemic. Despite being careful, none of us can be sure about minimizing these threats completely. And when it comes to school-going kids, things can be quite difficult to handle. 

Being parents, we have realized that the pandemic protocols are highly unrealistic for school-going kids. Because in India our kids attend traditional classes with as many as up to 27 students in a single classroom. And we cannot expect our kids to be 100% careful all the time while in school.

Student Teacher Ration In 2021- 22

Nevertheless, this does not change the picture. Because experts have shared their opinion that children below 5 years of age are at a higher risk of H3N2 flu. And for others above the age of five, the regular precaution of avoiding crowded places is highly advisable. So even if your kid takes H3N2 vaccine or starts wearing a mask, nothing much changes with this.

In other words, our school-going kids need a safe haven at this time.   

The Recent Update on H3N2 Flu:

As per the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, 3038 laboratory-confirmed cases were reported across states by 9th March’23. These include various subtypes of Influenza including patients with H3N2 symptoms. Let’s take a look at the month-wise data shared through the government’s official press release page.

Laboratory confirmed cases of Various subtypes of influenza (H3N2)

The advisory includes wearing masks and avoiding public places. And once again it is time to rethink our education system. And choose safer mediums like online or hybrid models.

Why Should You Choose Online Learning at this Point in Time ?

Ongoing Threats:

The cycle of H3N2 influenza is certainly periodic in nature. But this does not mean that the threats are about to end. It is noteworthy that experts have reiterated similar risks in the post-monsoon season as well. This means that this threat stays with us for a longer time than we have anticipated. So the best way to keep your kids safe is to choose online learning from the very beginning.

Learning Loss:

A pandemic outbreak is generally followed by a learning loss for school-going children. Puducherry declared school closure for 10 days (classes 1 to 8). Similarly, many other state governments are on high alert. Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kerala, and Telangana have already issued an advisory. And parents are keeping a track of the symptoms, number of cases and precautions during the H3N2 incubation period. In the future, we might need online classes for our kids. So it’s better to switch to a safer medium to protect the child from any risk whatsoever.

Another worrisome Covid-19 variant

Optimistically speaking, H3N2 symptoms might fade away with time. But the bigger threat is another Covid variant, XBB.1.5. This new fusion of different Omicron variants is already an identified threat. So there more is to just influenza that we need to consider!

Are we Ready for Online Schooling?

Let’s gauge our preparedness for virtual education through some factual information about the past and map these with some projections for the future. 

As per statistics:

  • India was the 2nd largest online market in the world with over 900 million internet users back in the year 2019.
  • It is estimated that the number of internet users in India will be over 1.5 billion by the year 2040.
  • The stupendous growth is seen in the number of internet users year after year. We will touch a figure of around 1008.2 million in 2023, which is a huge leap from 749 million internet users in the year 2020.
Internet users in India
  • The overall internet penetration rate was under 50%. But the role of our policymakers and educational alternatives I much bigger than this figure.

Indian Policymakers and Digital Learning Platforms

India has opened up to a new revolution of online learning. Several government initiatives like  PM e-VIDYA, SWAYAM, National Digital Library, and Virtual Lab, etc. are already reaching out to Indian students. With the efforts of our Indian government and the changing paradigm due to the pandemic, India has reached the first position globally in many key dimensions of digital adoption.

The best part about this new transformation is that our private sector readiness perfectly supports digitalization across various sectors including education. A perfect example is the introduction of a new option of online schooling through 100% accredited platforms. At this crucial time, our frontline medical workforce is already supporting the nation through H3N2 tests and treatment. And at the same time, our virtual learning ecosystem is revamping itself to maintain continuity in this era of ongoing health crisis.

H3N2 Vaccine might not have a permanent solution. But virtual learning certainly has!

Virtual Learning is not just at Par but Even Better than Traditional Learning

Parents can now stay away from the threats and avoid the stage of H3N2 treatment. Fully online schools are a solution to all threats including the recent influenza. Students can access world-class quality content, seek the handholding of expert teachers, and thrive academically from their respective homes.

This choice also brings down the overall cost of education. And helps in reaching out to students across geographical boundaries.

No more virus threats, no Monday blues, and no juggling between work, travel, and family. Virtual schooling can sort all this and more, giving the stakeholders the ultimate empowerment that they deserve!

Final Thoughts:

A futuristic choice of online schooling is a great support for our families and the nation at large. Now that the H3N2 flu cases are reported from across various parts of the country, our ownership as citizens is doubled. What better than taking up a choice that benefits our kids in this skill-driven highly digital world?

As a parent, I am convinced that online learning can combat H3N2 influenza!

What about You?

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is H3N2 flu serious?
    In most cases, it is not serious if the patient does not have any medical condition.  
  • How long does H3N2 flu last?
    To answer this question, H3N2 how long does it last, we must know the pattern of seasonal flu. Mostly it takes a week for the patient to ease. But again, it can differ from case to case.
  • What is the H3N2 common name?
    It is an influenza virus.
  • Is H3N2 dangerous?
    It can be dangerous for some special cases with other medical conditions.
  • Is H3N2 more severe than H1N1?
    Yes! H3N2 is more critical than H1N1


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