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Unlocking Success Qualities of a Good Teacher for Effective Learning

Unlocking Success: Qualities in a Good Teacher for Effective Learning

It is rightly believed that education is an impeccable tool to change the world. And teaching is a profession that creates all others!

Since the evolution of the education system in the world, the qualities in a good teacher have been instrumental in bringing about a desirable change in the learners. And the world at large. A good teacher is certainly a blessing for the students. Because he/she has the ability to impact them with the magical touch of knowledge and unmatched care. Globally, the world acknowledges the fact that a teacher’s qualities are imperative for the success of the entire teaching and learning process. And in India, we love to believe that teaching is a respectful profession.

How Many Teachers Do We Have in India?

Before we start with the qualities of a teacher, let’s take you through some figures.

Do you know the exact number of teachers we have in India?

Well, here’s a quick synopsis of this number as per the Department of School Education & Literacy, Ministry of Education, Government of India

Number of Teachers in India (As of 2021-22) in Lakhs
ElementarySecondaryHigher SecTotal
Number of teacher in india | Qualities in a good teacher

In the present times, India is focusing on the quality of its teachers to match the pace of the post-pandemic innovation-driven world. And shape the generation of global citizens. So be it the grace of the profession or the need to update ourselves with the world, both ways, the characteristics of a good teacher are the cornerstone of our vast and resilient education system.

Let’s take up this topic in more detail.

What is a Good Teacher?

In our country, we have lakhs of teachers who work day and night to make their teaching effective for the students. However, despite all these efforts, not all of them are perfectly suitable for this crucial profession. The qualities of a teacher add great value to the classroom environment. And it also helps in engaging students for a fruitful learning experience. A good teacher lays a solid academic foundation. And contributes to the student’s holistic development.

Other than these qualities, a good teacher also has an endless love for learning that helps in connecting education to real-life scenarios. All in all, he/she is fully dedicated to creating better learning opportunities each day for the students.

In this age of virtual learning, a good teacher also plays the role of an enthusiastic mentor, taking efforts that perfectly boil down to the welfare of students. As a progressive nation, India is focusing on the professional development of its teachers.

India’s Investment in Its Teachers

Presently, the total budget expenditure is estimated to be around 1.27 billion for teacher training and adult education (in the financial year 2023). 

Before we move on to the other qualities of a teacher, let’s take a look at the budget allocation on education in the past few years.

Budget allocation for education

In the next section, we will discuss the qualities of a good teacher.

What are the Qualities in a Good Teacher?

Clarity & Communication Skills

Communication skills are indispensable characteristics of a good teacher. The power of clear communication and clear instructions helps students to develop a positive approach towards a subject. Good teachers are effective communicators. Because they cascade the necessary information/give instructions to students in a comprehensive yet simple manner. In addition, such qualities of a teacher also contribute to creating an engaging learning environment.

Keen Learner

The best characteristics of a good teacher also include the zeal to constantly improve and learn. In this highly digitalized world, an educator not only needs to interact with the student. But also needs to be updated with the industry’s best practices, and global happenings along with the industry’s relevant soft skills.     

Globally, professional teacher development focuses on concrete tasks, that make teachers keen learners. These trainings also help teachers to develop skills like observation and reflection because today when India has fully embraced innovative models like online schooling and hybrid learning etc. our teachers need to match the pace of the global educational landscape.

Qualities in a good teacher


Most of us already know that patience is one of the most essential qualities in a good teacher. Educators who have patience are likable. And this great quality also models the right behavior for students.


The ability to collaborate is one of the most sought-after qualities of a teacher. It allows him/her to explore new ways of delivering instructions. And helps in improving the overall classroom experience.

An educator needs to plan varied activities/pedagogies, and learning experiences that can demand a lot of time. However, it is not possible for all educators all the time to come up with the required level of creativity and solutions at the same time. We can save a lot of energy during the planning process through teacher collaboration. W

A Good Listener

Listening skill is also one of the integral characteristics of a good teacher. Good listening skills help in gauging the exact needs and temperament of the students well.

And the best part is that listening skills help all types of teachers be it traditional or online teachers (in accredited online schools).

Quick Tips to Improve the Quality of a Teacher

  • Always look for opportunities to collaborate with other teachers.
  • Professional development helps to work on pain areas.
  • It is always better to seek help in case of a requirement.
  • There are many unconventional ways of seeking support that one can opt for (such as attending webinars, listening to podcasts, watching training videos, etc.)      

Final Thoughts

In the present times, the global landscape is witnessing a major change in employment patterns. Today, the rapidly changing world demands a teaching workforce that has all the characteristics of a good teacher.

With the tools of online learning, we can support our teachers in developing the skillsets necessary for the 21st-century teaching and learning process. And with all the carefully planned conscious efforts, our teachers will certainly be in their best form!  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the teaching qualities that make a good teacher?
    Below are the qualities in a good teacher:
  • Patience
  • Adaptability
  • Collaboration
  • Active listening
  • Lifelong learner
  • What is the most important quality of a good teacher?
    The most important quality of a good teacher is patience. It helps him/her to stay empathetic with all types of students at all times. Patience is an important virtue that is the cornerstone of a fruitful teaching and learning experience.

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