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The Importance of Sports in Students Lives More Than Just a Game

The Importance of Sports in Students Life: More Than Just a Game

We all know that 21st-century education is not confined to academic success alone. Because it is about creating opportunities for a well-rounded education. And this literary means incorporating all forms of teaching and learning, including physical education. Today, there is an urgent need to acknowledge the importance of sports in students life. In fact, we can also say that our inactive lifestyles need a complete revamp!

Do you know that children and adolescents (between 5 -17 years of age) must indulge in 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activities daily?


This duration is already defined by the World Health Organization. under the ‘WHO Guidelines On Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior’. However, many of us are still unaware of sports benefits. And we get trapped in the ill effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

As adults in the role of stakeholders, we must focus on the development of our children’s physical domains. Because globally, around 80% of adolescents are quite inactive. And this means that most of our kids, surely need better lifestyle management.

Today, we will decode the real importance of games and sports. And help you understand the long-term advantages of investing in your child’s health.

What is the Importance of Sports in a Student’s Life?

Health and Well-Being

A leading journal highlights the benefits of physical education for students. Here’s a look at these findings:

  • Physical activity and regular exercise help in keeping many diseases at bay. These include serious problems like heart stroke, diabetes, cancer, etc.
  • If one is physically active, it can help in maintaining body weight.

If you think obesity is a growing concern only with adults, here’s a quick fact check for you!

Obesity is a serious problem in Indian kids.

The National Family Health Survey shows shocking figures wherein the percentage of overweight kids increased from 2.1% to 3.4% (as of 2021).   

Percentage of overweight children

It is unfortunate that we cannot blame the kids for these issues. Because we adults too lack lifestyle management. In fact, when it comes to obesity, Indian adults are no better!

There is a reported increase in the obesity levels of Indian adults as well (highlighted in the National Family Health Survey).

Increase in obesity % of indian adults

Holistic Development

The benefits of health and physical education significantly impact one’s holistic development. Because physical education teaches a student some valuable skills like teamwork and discipline. Other than this, physical activities also help children to identify and hone their natural abilities.

As kids, most of us get to know these advantages and the importance of games and sports. But later, all these benefits take a back seat. And when it comes to our kids, we start chasing the academic scores more than anything else. The Hindustan Times also highlights a brilliant point about health and physical education. It states that sports can help facilitate a culture of harmony. And this truly is a great advantage in a country as diverse as ours. In this way, it contributes to a student’s social development. And to the larger social goals as well.

Career Options

Remember the importance of games and sports essay that we wrote as kids?

We covered all points like national pride, personal success goals, and fitness. All these facts are realities now. Because sports can be a highly rewarding career option now. And our Indian government especially focuses on the development of sports for younger generations. It is a positive sign that there is a huge budget allocation to the sports sector in the budget as well.

Let’s take a look at the budget breakup and allocations for the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports for the financial year 2023-24.

SchemesAllocations in Crores
Khelo India1000
Sports Authority of India785.52
Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan401.49
National Sports Federations325
National Service Scheme325
allocation of funds by indian ministry | benefits of sports in students life

This healthy trend continues to grow in our country. Because even the previous years, the sports sector got a massive allocation with 3062.6 crores back in the year 2022. Undoubtedly, sports have the potential to be more than just a hobby. Because the growing sports landscape has a lot to offer to our younger generations.

Recreational Value

Another aspect that’s worth mentioning while discussing the importance of sports in students life is fun or recreation. In the hustle bustle of everyday life, our students need some hobbies or recreational activities to keep them going. Recreation through sports brings down anxiety levels. In fact, it is also helpful in reducing depression.

Other Advantages

Sports or physical education can also do wonders in driving healthy habits. A national study shows that participating in school sports activities actually reduces the chances of consuming alcohol, tobacco, and even drugs.

So isn’t that a wonderful way of boosting health in students when 9% of our high school students are already tobacco consumers?

<23% of our students consumed tobacco at home. While 20% preferred the school location> 

percentage of Indian high school students consuming tobacco
location in which school students smoke

Coming back to the miscellaneous advantages of health and physical education, a credible study also links it with numerous benefits in adulthood. As per the Lancet, sports are great for increasing participation in social activities, and delays marriage. In addition, it also has benefits related to better livelihood and gender parity. To top it all, sports participation also develops a much-needed quality called RESILIANCE!

Advantages of sports in students life

What is the Importance of Physical Education in the Digital Age?

As discussed in the previous sections, a sedentary lifestyle is highly unhealthy for students. Globally, the present trends of childhood reveal the following facts:

  • Higher rates of inactivity
  • Excessive consumption of sugary, salty, snacks and soft drinks
  • Poor quality of sleep etc.

This digital age has presented challenges like obesity, gadget addiction, poor diet habits, etc. And once again, this shows an increased need to promote physical education in schools and at home.

India’s Vision About the Importance of Physical Education

With the impact of globalization and the threats of a sedentary lifestyle in this digital age, our country has prepared a design to combat these challenges. The National Policy of Education emphasizes structuring the curriculum and school pedagogies as per the needs of 21st-century education. Point number 4.8 under the ‘Curriculum and Pedagogies’ elaborates on the integration of sports to develop skills like:

  • Self-discipline
  • Teamwork
  • Citizenship
  • Responsibility
  • Self-direction
  • Collaboration
  • Self- initiative

This visionary policy also focuses on building an attitude of lifetime fitness in students. It also envisions developing some other related life skills as per the ‘Fit India Movement’.

Today, screen time is one of the biggest concerns for parents. So much so that 90% of them reported that excessive screen time during the summer made their kid inactive. Most stakeholders are now emphasizing the importance of physical education. In fact, the good news is that our traditional as well as online schools are now successful in creating ample opportunities for sports and physical movements.

Do you know that a student is highly active during online classes?

It is hard to believe, but still quite possible. Here’s more about it.

How Do Kids Stay Active During Online Classes?

An accredited online school has a dedicated portion of the curriculum for physical activities. These schools have online sessions for physical education just like traditional ones. In fact, these schools also have ample activities across other subjects to promote movement. Games like random animal walks, Simon says, find an object, etc. are super fun ways of engaging kids with vigorous movements. In fact, online teachers make great use of music and dance. And at times, they manage to keep kids active even more than a traditional school.

Final Thoughts

In this age of digitalized lifestyles, sports benefits extend from health to reducing screen time. All these advantages are highly relevant for our students. Because they need a healthy mind and body to survive in this today’s competitive and fast-paced world.

The good news is that with the efforts of our government and the policymakers, the Indian sports culture is now revived!

Let’s play our part as stakeholders and revive our thinking patterns to consider sports benefits at par with a student’s academic success!

Thanks for Reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Write a short speech about education?
    Education has the power to change the world into a much better and desirable place. It highlights an individual’s strengths and creates self-awareness, thereby allowing him/her to contribute better to the nation’s progress. All in all, education aims at the holistic development of an individual.
  • Write a short paragraph on importance of education?
    In this age of rapid change, education helps harness the ultimate human potential for the greater good of mankind. Without good education, we cannot live a happy and fulfilling life.
  • Highlight some important sports benefits
    Sports benefits are as follows:
  • Physical health
  • Overall well being
  • Career prospects
  • Recreation
  • Joyous hobby
  • Kills time productively
  • Instills qualities like teamwork, discipline patience, etc.
  • What are the main points covered in the importance of games and sports essay?
    The importance of games and sports essay often covers all the benefits of sports such as physical, mental, overall well-being, holistic development, and stress management, etc.

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